Amenities to Halpatis


The Halpati tribe is an extremely backward scheduled tribe of Gujarat. They live in the plains of South Gujarat and are dispersed, living amongst the non-tribal population, unlike the other tribes that live in a concentrated manner in the eastern belt of the state. Halpati tribe constitutes about 6.7% of the state’s tribal population. They reside mostly in Surat, Navsari and Valsad districts, and to some extent in Bharuch district. Majority of Halpatis are landless farm laborers. Thus, their economic condition has remained the lowest. Only about 10% of the halpatis are engaged in alternate occupation, such as service or other small jobs.

The Government vide its Resolution dated 25/11/2013 introduced a scheme for provision of Six Basic Amenities to the halpatis. Under this scheme the provision of Housing, Electrification, Roads, Drinking water, Education and Economic Upliftment are to be provided to the Halpatis tribe

  • HOUSING | Provision of assistance for construction of new houses and up-gradation of existing houses.
  • ELECTRIFICATION | Household connectivity.
  • ROADS | Construction of internal roads, approach roads and connect them with the main roads.
  • DRINKING WATER | Safe drinking water, and where possible, piped water facilities.
  • EDUCATION | Emphasis of quality education and higher education.
  • ECONOMIC UPLIFTMENT | Benefit of the livelihood schemes.
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