Border Villages Amenities


Significant tribal population of Gujarat state have been traditionally living in the bordering areas of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra consists mainly of forests, hills and undulating terrains. This has resulted in slower growth; dissimilar patter of socio-economic development and inability to integrate with mainstream economy. There are 474 Border villages in Gujarat state. A special survey was conducted to identify the problems of these villages.

The Government vide its Resolution dated 30/04/2010 introduced a scheme for provision of Basic Amenities to the Border villages. Under this scheme the provision of Housing, Electrification, Roads, Drinking water, Education, Health and Economic Upliftment to be provided to the Border villages:

  • HOUSING | Provision of assistance for construction of new house.
  • ELECTRIFICATION | Household connectivity
  • ROADS | Construction of internal roads, approach roads and connect them with the main roads.
  • DRINKING WATER | Safe drinking water, and where possible, piped water facilities.
  • Education | Emphasis of quality education and higher education.
  • ECONOMIC UPLIFTMENT | Upliftment Benefit of the livelihood schemes.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE | Health Infrastructure to PHC, Sub-Centre, Cottage Hospital, Dispensary.

Provision of year 2020-21: 6000.00 lakh

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