Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP)


  • OVERVIEW | The Project aims at creating a unit of at least four animals in each participant’s house by the end of the project period so as to make dairying into a viable full time activity. Two of these cattle are to be provided under the project and two cattle are to be developed at the beneficiaries’ home through project support in better cattle management and rearing practices.
  • OBJECTIVE | To transform dairying into dynamic income-generating enterprise for BPL tribal household of Gujarat.
  • INCEPTION | 2007-08
  • PARTNER | Seven District Cooperative Unions as well as reputed NGOs.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL FOOTPRINTS | Tribal Districts of Gujarat
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | Tribal Communities


Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP)
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | Under IDDP, investment per beneficiary is around Rs. 80,000 to 84,000. Other benefits include strengthening of forward and backward linkages, Provision of Milch Cattle through loan and subsidy, Cattle Health & Support Services and Financial Assistance for Clean Milk Production.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS | About 1,42,250 cattle has been provided to STs, beneficiaries are earning Rs. 3500 to 4000 per month with dairy activities.
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