Scheduled and Tribal Areas


Provisions for the administration of the Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes in any State, other than the States of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram, are contained in Art. 244(1) and the Fifth Schedule to the Constitution.

The Fifth Schedule to the Constitution can be amended by Parliament. Para 7 of the Schedule empowers Parliament to amend it by way of addition, variation or repeal of any provision thereof.

These areas are treated differently from the other areas in the country because they are inhabited by the aboriginals who are socially and economically rather backward, and special efforts need to be made to improve their condition. Therefore, the whole of the normal administrative machinery operating in a State is not extended to the Scheduled Areas, and the Central Government has somewhat greater responsibility for these Areas.

The executive power of a State extends to the Scheduled Ares therein. The Governor annually, or whenever required by the President, makes a report to the President regarding the administration of the Scheduled Areas. The Central Government can give directions to the State regarding the administration of such Areas.

The President may by order declare an area to be a Scheduled Area. Such Areas lie in the States of Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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