Amenities to PTGs


There are five Primitive Tribes Groups (PTG) group in Gujarat that include 23,479 families. The Tribal research and Training Institute, Ahmedabad carried out an in depth survey of every PTG family. the survey showed that there are many families who have no access to assured source of livelihood, do not have prier house, electricity connection or safe drinking water , are disese-prone, illiterate, asset-less and debt ridden. The incidence of alcoholism is also high in some of these group. Due to their shy deposition to outside contact, they are unable to receive benefits from various beneficiary oriented scheme of government including access to health services.

The Government vide its Resolution dated 22/11/2013 introduced a scheme for provision of Six Basic Amenities to the PTGs. Under this scheme the provision of Housing, Electrification, Roads, Drinking water, Education and Economic Upliftment are to be provided to the PTGs:

  • HOUSING | Provision of assistance for construction of new houses and up-gradation of existing houses.
  • ELECTRIFICATION | Household connectivity.
  • ROADS | Construction of internal roads, approach roads and connect them with the main roads.
  • DRINKING WATER | Safe drinking water, and where possible, piped water facilities.
  • EDUCATION | Emphasis of quality education and higher education.
  • ECONOMIC UPLIFTMENT | Benefit of the livelihood schemes.
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