Ashram Schools


  • OVERVIEW | Establishment of Ashram/Residential schools for Scheduled Tribe students
  • OBJECTIVE | The main objective of the scheme was to provide residential schools for Scheduled Tribes including PTGs in an environment conducive to learning to increase the literacy rate among the tribal students and to bring them at par with other population of the country.
  • INCEPTION | 1990-91 (Further revised in 2008-09)
  • PARTNER | None
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | Primary, Middle, Secondary And Higher Secondary Level Tribal Students
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | Under this centrally sponsored scheme, State Governments are eligible for 100% funding for establishment of Ashram Schools for girls and 50:50 ratios for Ashram Schools for boys in non-naxal Tribal area.
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | ST boys and girls can avail a conducive environment for learning in residential schools.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS | Since inception, 466 ashram schools have been establishes with an expenditure of Rs. 23.55 Lakh.
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