Ashramshalas (Grant in Aid)


  • OVERVIEW | The Schedule Tribe population cannot afford to spend on their children’s education due to their weak economic condition. Instead of sending them to schools, they compel their children to start working in their traditional occupation or any other job for monetarily support to the family. Thus, government launched a scheme to give 100% grant to NGOs for starting residential schools, known as Ashramshalas (std 1 to 8, Uttar Buniyadi Ashramshala (std 9 to 10) and Uchchttar Uttar Buniyadi Ashramshala (std 11 to12). These schools provide education, boarding and lodging to tribal students and are fully funded by the state government, though they are run by NGOs.
  • OBJECTIVE | To provide schooling, boarding and lodging to ST students at a single location, so that they can get better employment and also compete with other sections of the society.
  • INCEPTION | 1953
  • MANAGEMENT | NGOs working in tribal areas
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | The Ashramshala has to enrol a minimum of 15 boys and 15 girls for the first time on inception. Then, every year it has to enrol 10 boys and 10 girls till 7th standard.
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | Students are provided with free education, hostel facilities, books, food, item of daily necessity free of cost. A grant of Rs. 1500 per month is given to the Ashramshala for every child.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS | The State has 454 Ashramshalas (Std-1 to 8) having strength of 69991 students, 90 Uttar Buniyadi Shalas (Std- 9 to 10) having strength of 8457 sudents and 34 Uchchattar U.B.Ashramshala (Std- 11 to 12) having strength of 3702 sudents. There is also 126 Kamik varg Ashramshala having 11030 students. Total No.of students attended into 577 Ashramshala is 93180. So, More than 80,000 students attend these Ashramshala boarding schools each year.
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