Evidences for Determination of Claims


Minimum any two of the following evidences are required

  • Public documents, Government records such as Gazetteers, Census, surveys and settlement reports, maps, satellite imageries, working plans, micro plans, forest enquiry reports, other forest reports
  • Government authorized documents such as voters identity card, ration card, passport, house tax receipts, domicile certificates permanent attributes such as house, huts, bunds, check dams etc.
  • Quasi judicial and judicial records, court orders and judgments
  • Any record on privileges, concessions, favours from princely states,
  • Research studies documents on custom and traditional of forest rights
  • Traditional structures such as wells, burial grounds sacred places
  • Statement of elderly persons


  • The village level Forest Rights Committee constituted by the Gram-Sabha receives, examines keeps records and forwards the claim to Gram-Sabha for decision.
  • Gram-Sabha forwards the claim with recommendation or otherwise to Sub-Divisional Level Committee (SDLC).
  • SDLC examines the claim & evidences produced and forwards the claim for decision to District Level Committee (DLC) with recommendation.
  • DLC is the final authority to take decision in the matter.
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