Forest Rights Act - 2006


The Forest Rights Act (FRA)-2006, an Act by the Government of India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, is being implemented in the state of Gujarat. The Act envisages registering & conferring the traditional habitat, social, economic and livelihood rights of the ST & Other Traditional Forest Dwellers in Scheduled as well as Non-Scheduled forest areas of the state. The FRA-2006 provides for Individual, Community and Infrastructure facility Rights.

Over the years, the Government of India has notified the Act, the rules under the Act, the

FR Acts, Rules and Guidelines Chronology


Guidelines and the Revised Rules as under.

Tribal Development Department is the nodal agency for the implementation of this Act.

Sr. No Details
1 Forest Rights Act- Guidelines Dated.: 12-07-2012
[English] [117 KB]
2 Forest Rights Act Dated.: 01-01-2008
[English] [52 KB]
3 Forest Rights Act - 2006
[English] [131 KB]
4 FRA Revised rules Dated.: 06-09-2012
[English] [194 KB]
5 Empowerment of tribal farmers GR
[Gujarati] [1.96 MB]


Sr. No Details
1 MFP GR Dated.: 02-08-2014
[Gujarati] [1.02 MB]
2 MFP GR Dated.: 12-03-2015
[Gujarati] [122 KB]
[English] [2.19 MB]
4 MSP to MFP
[Gujarati] [421 KB]
5 MFP MSP RATES Dated.: 01-05-2020
[English] [420 KB]
6 MFP MSP RATES Dated.: 26-05-2020
[English] [477 KB]
7 MFP MSP RATES Dated.: 11-11-2020
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Forest Rights Act
1 of Forest Rights Act
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