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The Special Central Assistance (SCA) is provided by the Ministry of tribal Affairs to the State Government as an additive to the State TSP. SCA is Primarily meant for family-oriented income-generation schemes in sectors of agriculture, horticulture, sericulture and animal husbandry cooperation. A part of SCA (not more than 30%) is also permitted to be used for development of infrastructure incidental to such income generating schemes.

SCA is intended to be additive to State Plan efforts for tribal development and forms part of TSP strategy. The objective of the strategy is two folds :-

  • Socio-economic development of STs
  • Protection of tribals against exploitation.

Of the above, SCA primarily funds schemes/projects for economic development of STs.

The GOI guidelines broadly lay down the following norms :-

  • SCA is primarily meant for income generating family oriented schemes and infrastructure incidental thereto (not more than 30% of the total outlay)
  • Wherever a scheme is provided for any Central Sector/Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS), SCA should not be utilised for the same. Rather, the allocations available under specific schemes can be availed of
  • Major infrastructure development should be supplemented from the TSP flow, rather that being catered out SCA like roads, electrification etc.
  • Schemes for funding demonstration units should not be financed out of SCA. Rather, the follow-up of demonstrations should be catered to looking to the Special disadvantages that the tribal funds themselves with.
  • Tribal populace below poverty line should alone be supported with SCA financed activities. In any specific schematic projects financed by outside agencies, both national and international, normally a part of the outlay is proposed as State Government contribution. Such contribution should flow from normally State Plan and not out of SCA.
  • Wherever State Government Organizations like Tribal Development Cooperative Corporations (TDCCs) or Forest Development Corporations (FDCs) are dealing with schemes related to tribal welfare and development, the equity based should not be financed out of SCA, without prior approval of the GOI. This will lead to better monitoring of the concerned activities.
  • Specific sectors related to the Tribal need to be givers a fillip by special schemes in the areas like sericulture, horticulture, etc out of SCA.
  • Wherever conjunctional flow of funds can be ensured from other on going development programmes, this must be dovetailed so as to have a better spatial and demographic coverage.
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