New Gujarat Pattern – Delegation of Powers


Genuine delegation of financial authority is the key to effective, result-oriented implementation of any program at the grass-root level. Over the years, there was active consideration to involve local tribes in the process of formulation, planning and execution of developmental programmes. This led to the evolution of Gujarat Pattern of Tribal Development, revolutionizing the planning and execution of entire tribal development schemes.

About 5% of Tribal Sub Plan fund is allotted to the tribal districts in proportion of their population/area, and the districts are free to spend the allocated amount on works/ projects of their choice. Gujarat Pattern was formally launched by the Government in 1997, with the earmarking of Rs. 200 Crore out of Tribal Sub Plan as discretionary fund, placed at the disposal of Tribal Development Department.

Gujarat Pattern has been successful in meeting the need-based priorities of the tribal populace and improving their quality of life. In last few years, different sectoral programmes like roads and bridges, irrigation, health, education, agriculture, soil and water conservation, electrification etc. have shown exemplary success. Infrastructure development has been given priority to meet the requirements of the people.

Number of works completed from 2007-08 to 2013-14

Allocation and expenditure under Gujarat Pattern

The financial allocation under Gujarat Pattern, for the year 2014-15, was increased to Rs. 382 Crore. Some important schemes under Gujarat Pattern include, Technology Based Financial Inclusion Project, Medical Entrance Exam Coaching, Samras Hostel, Bicycle to girl students, Scholarship to technical and professional course students, etc.

Gujarat Pattern
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