Individual Rights

Under Individual Right category, as per the Act, the eligible claimants are conferred with the rights of land for residential and agriculture purpose (Maximum up to 4 hectares).

The beneficiaries need to be:

  • Traditional STs or Other Traditional Forest Dwellers who lives in forest and depends upon forest for bona fide livelihood for three generations;
  • The recognition of such rights under the FRA-2006 shall be subject to the condition that such ST or OTFD had occupied forest land before the 13th day of December, 2005 and they had possession of those lands on 31st day of December, 2007.

Community Rights

The Rights of the Community over the forest land and its products are approved for collection and use of Minor Forest Produce (MFP), fishing, grazing, use of water bodies and habitat rights to primitive tribal groups etc.

Diversion of Forest Land for Infrastructural Facilities

As provided in the Act -3(2) in the category of Developmental Rights, the diversion of forest lands is approved for 13 types of infrastructural facilities like schools, hospitals, minor irrigation, drinking water facilities etc.

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