Schemes for Marginalized Societies

Border Villages Amenities

Significant tribal population of Gujarat state have been traditionally living in the bordering areas of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra consists mainly of forests, hills and undulating terrains. This has resulted in slower growth; dissimilar patter of socio-economic development and inability to integrate with mainstream economy.

Amenities to Halpatis

The Halpati tribe is an extremely backward scheduled tribe of Gujarat. They live in the plains of South Gujarat and are dispersed, living amongst the non-tribal population, unlike the other tribes that live in a concentrated manner in the eastern belt of the state.

Amenities to PTGs

There are five Primitive Tribes Groups (PTG) group in Gujarat that include 23,479 families. The Tribal research and Training Institute, Ahmedabad carried out an in depth survey of every PTG family. the survey showed that there are many families who have no access to assured source of livelihood, do not have prier house, electricity connection or safe drinking water , are disese-prone, illiterate, asset-less and debt ridden.

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