Special Central Assistance

GoI Guidelines

The Special Central Assistance (SCA) is provided by the Ministry of tribal Affairs to the State Government as an additive to the State TSP. SCA is Primarily meant for family-oriented income-generation schemes in sectors of agriculture, horticulture, sericulture and animal husbandry cooperation.

Norms for Allocation

The share of the programmes under the broad strategy of Tribal Sub-Plan, namely, TSP (ITDP), MADA Pockets and Clusters and Primitive Tribes from the total outlay of Special Central Assistance (SCA) is calculated in proportion to the Scheduled Tribe population covered under each programmes after setting apart about 10% of S.C.A. for dispersed Tribals.

Economic Development

There are five Primitive Tribes Groups (PTG) group in Gujarat that include 23,479 families. The Tribal research and Training Institute, Ahmedabad carried out an in depth survey of every PTG family. the survey showed that there are many families who have no access to assured source of livelihood, do not have prier house, electricity connection or safe drinking water , are disese-prone, illiterate, asset-less and debt ridden.

Primitive Tribes

40% of the amount on numerical size of the Primitive Tribal Communities.

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