Talent Pool Voucher Scheme


  • OVERVIEW | To encourage the Schedule Tribe meritorious students to study further in the best educational institutions
  • OBJECTIVE | To assist the talented Schedule Tribe students get best quality education in reputed private schools, so that they can compete with the other sections of the society confidently.
  • INCEPTION | 2008-09
  • PARTNER | None
  • INTENDED BENEFICIARIES | The Schedule Tribe students of class 5 who seek admission in the next class after they clear an entrance test and score 60% or more.
  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | The benefit of the scheme is based on the family’s annual income as follows:
1 Up to 2,00,000 Full subsidy
2 2,00,000-3,00,000 50% subsidy
3 More than 3,00,000 No subsidy
  • BENEFITS UNDER THE SCHEME | Under the Talent Pool School Voucher Scheme, the student who gets admission in "Ati Shrestha Schools”, Student gets voucher of Rs. 80,000 / - per year. While, the student who gets admission in "Shrestha Schools”, Student gets voucher of Rs. 60,000 / - per year. If the school fee is less than Rs. 60,000 / - , the remaining amount has to be paid to the student as a student scholarship. When the fee is more than that, the guardian has to pay.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS | In the year 2019-20, benefits have been given to 1262 students.
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